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Iride Carta Wall Light

Iride Carta Wall Light
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Price: £495.00
Availability: 3 - 6 weeks Special Order
Model: Iride Carta Wall Light
Designer: Rubertelli Design

Available Options:
Dimensions (Diameter):
Paper Rope Colour:
Remote Control:

The Iride Wall Light was originally conceived as a wall sculpture.  As a raw element, the tinted paper rope is transformed into a highly decorative, elegant, and functional object. The addition of LED lighting elements turns it into an outstanding fusion of art, design, and technology.


The countless weaves and layers stretched around its perfectly round structure are illuminated by high power LEDs, creating a fascinating interplay of light and shadow that enchant and embrace the observer with its ‘mystique.’ Iride fills its surrounding space with an emotional charge. The choice of tinted paper rope can help accent your room's colours.


Each Iride Carta Wall Light is hand-made to order. The artisans approach each light as a unique piece and, as a result, each light is numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


The Iride Light comes with a ring of warm white LED with remote control (optional for 40 cm) which allows you to power the light and regulate its intensity.


LED life spam 40000-60000 hours. Provided with UK or EU plug.

Every light is treated with fire retardant and UV varnish protection.


Standard dimensions (diameter) available:                              Cost:

·         40-42 cm                                                                             £ 495.00

·         62-64 cm                                                                             £ 795.00

·         94-96 cm                                                                             £1245.00


Standard depth: 8-10 cm

Custom sizes available to order. (Size limit for Iride Carta Light is 100 cm)

Clean carefully with vacuum cleaner hose attachment and soft brush.

Actual estimated delivery time will follow order confirmation.

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Iride Carta Wall Light
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Iride Carta Wall Light
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Iride Carta Wall Light
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Iride Carta Wall Light
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Iride Carta Wall Light
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Iride Carta Wall Light
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