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From the too real to the surreal, Antartidee takes you on a journey through some of the most creative and unusual functional ArteFacts that you're likely to come across. Whether it's melting out of a Dali' painting, an artistic,  disembodied hand, or an alarmingly "broken" but fully functioning clock, there's one for every taste. Hand-made in Italy, these artful objects are collector quality.  In fact, Antartidee's Dali-inspired clocks are sold in the museum shop at Figueres, Salvador Dali's birthplace.

Materials: Marble Powder Resin
Design: Roberto Ferioli & Mauro Montermini

Wall Clocks
A collection of wall clocks that we can comfortably claim are like no others. Creative, colourful, stylish and more than a little bit less-than-ordinary. Isn't it time for some original decor?
Table Clocks
Antartidee's table clocks are a timely choice for a decorative statement. Truly unique, collector quality and hand made in Italy.
Mirrors to reflect your home interior's originality and style.
Clothing and accessories hangers that are simply unique and out of the ordinary. Decorate your home with a splash of creativity.
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