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Black Shoe Humidifier Black Shoe Humidifier

Black Shoe Humidifier

A Black Shoe that's sure to fit your interior style. Hangs from or sits on top of your radiator adding moisture to your room's dry air.  It can also be used as a bud vase. Hanging hook included. ..

Chocolate Bar Hot Pad Chocolate Bar Hot Pad

Chocolate Bar Hot Pad

Not a contradiction in terms. Just a really sweet, amusing, and practical product that can take the heat. Handmade in Italy. Design: Laura Ellero  Materials: Ceramic  &nb..

Cuore Macchiato (Stained Heart) Oil Cruet Cuore Macchiato (Stained Heart) Oil Cruet

Cuore Macchiato (Stained Heart) Oil Cruet

An oil cruet to add colour, style, and taste to your table. The art of cooking. Made in Italy. Design & Artwork:  Laura Ellero Materials:  Ceramic (With spout in cork stopper) ..

Duo Cuore-Sole Oil & Vinegar Cruets Duo Cuore-Sole Oil & Vinegar Cruets

Duo Cuore-Sole Oil & Vinegar Cruets

RossoCuore (Red Heart) Vinegar & GialloSole (Yellow Sun) Oil Cruets. The heart and sun of Mediterreanean cooking. Made in Italy but ready for your home! Design: C.B. Farinar Artwork: Laur..

Handbag Humidifier Handbag Humidifier

Handbag Humidifier

Not just a Handbag. It's a ceramic humidifier to hang on your radiator. For the well-accessorised home. It can also be used as a bud vase.  Hanging hook included. Handmade in Italy.   &..

Keith Haring Humidifier Keith Haring Humidifier

Keith Haring Humidifier

Breathe better with the iconic artwork of Keith Haring on a hanging radiator humidifier. Hanging hook included. Can also be used as a stylish bud vase. Handmade in Italy.     Design: Lau..

Lametta Paperweight Lametta Paperweight

Lametta Paperweight

A paperweight in the shape of a bigger-than-life razor blade. For the well-groomed desk. Design: C.B. Farinar  Materials: Metal with Stainless finish    Dime..

Mondrian Dream Oil Cruet

Mondrian Dream Oil Cruet

I heart Mondrian.  Fill this artsy oil cruet with your favourite Italian olive oil. Cook with artistry. Made in Italy. Design: Laura Ellero Artwork: Renzo Schiratti  Materials:..

Mondrian Dreaming Ceramic Hotpad Mondrian Dreaming Ceramic Hotpad

Mondrian Dreaming Ceramic Hotpad

A hotpad with an artistic twist on an artistic icon. Mondrian Dreaming takes the modern artist's classic cubist black lines and colours and puts them in motion. Made in Italy. Design & Artwork..

Edward Flowers Clothes Stand Edward Flowers Clothes Stand

Edward Flowers Clothes Stand

Bright and cheerful, the Edward Flowers clothes stand and hanger is the perfect splash of colour for your room.  It will also add vibrancy to the more colour neutral decor.  Reversible, the ..

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