Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions about delivery and terms of sale, please see Delivery Info or Terms & Conditions at the Information menu.


Q:  Why do some of your products have a longer order time?

A:  Most of our products are made singly by hand or in small numbers (hand-made batch production and finishing). Also, many of our designers offer large collections with a range of colour and/or size options. We give you the customer the option to choose and, with a little patience, your order will reach you as soon as possible - most of our designers will have some stock ready to ship.


Q:  Do you deliver internationally?

A:  Yes, our delivery zones include many major international markets. If yours is not listed, please Contact Us to enquire. Please see Delivery Info for more information.


Q:  My order includes a non-stock / bespoke item. Will you notify me when it’s available?

A:  Yes, for products with longer order times, we will send you a periodic update as to the order status.


Q:  What if my order requires two separate deliveries, will I be charged for both?

A:  No, there will only be one delivery charge. Due to delivery costs, European and International deliveries will almost always be sent as one delivery.


Q:  Do you offer a gift wrapping service.

A:  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer this service. Due to the fragile nature of many of our products, secure packaging is of utmost importance and does not always allow us to present the product ready for gift giving.