Modern designer wall mirrors add style and statement to your home. Reflect your interior style with a unique modern mirror. Designer wall mirrors can decorate a whole wall and will make your room appear larger. Invest in style and function for your home.

Ray Sunglasses Mirror Ray Sunglasses Mirror

Ray Sunglasses Mirror

"Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today."  - James Dean.   Larger-than-life, the Ray Mirror makes the iconic sunglasses the definition of décor cool. Ava..

Roto Mirror Roto Mirror

Roto Mirror

The Roto mirror is an illusion of an illusion: the hole in the glass is real, the cracks not really. A coloured wall or patterned wallpaper will accent the “broken” mirror. It's both decorative and f..

Spilia Mirror Spilia Mirror

Spilia Mirror

The Spilia mirror is a poetic translation of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. The designers wish to point out that the reflection in a mirror,  despite its close resemblance to the original, is only..

Splash Mirror Splash Mirror

Splash Mirror

Put a Splash of contemporary design on your wall – the perfect complement to any room including kitchen, bathroom, office or child's room. Hang the mirror and “splash” the 3 'drops' as you like - dura..

Stan Mirror Stan Mirror

Stan Mirror

"Stan" is a typical Dutch name and at the same time a beautiful, decorative mirror. The balanced shape and elegant details make Stan a mirror that fits into many interiors. The rolling shapes and subt..

Yoko Mirror Yoko Mirror

Yoko Mirror

Let the sun shine with this unique mirror! Due to the fact that we silver our own mirrors in our own factory, we are able to combine mirrored and transparent parts on one surface. The sun rays are set..

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