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Whether it's melting on your mantel or dripping in your drawing room, an Antartidee table/shelf/mantel clock makes a striking ArteFact for the home or office.

Dali Branch Clock
Our most popular clock for Dali fans and admirers of surreal design. The original collector-quality melting clock.
Dali Shelf Clock
The artistic clock that drips off your shelf. Make your decor less than ordinary.
Little Dali Shelf Clock
A smaller version of our popular Dali Shelf Clock.
Melts in Hand Table Clock
A very creative melting clock, indeed. Melts in Hand and onto your table or desk, tells you the time, and leaves no mess.
PainTin Time Clock
It's PainTin Time all over your desk. Looks like a mess but the quartz movement is right on time.
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