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Wall Clocks

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Unique and unusual, fun and bigger-than-life, stylish and surreal, these clocks are functional sculptural art for your wall. Antartidee clocks will free your interior so while a classic cup of Espresso or an oozing Fried Egg will add flavour to your kitchen - to make a real surreal statement, hang one in your bathroom or office.

Dress Hanger Clock
Neatly hung out to dry. The stylish melting clock for your interior.
Melts in Hand Clock
Melts in hand, not on the wall. An artistic wall clock for lovers of Dali and surrealism.
Magritte's Apple Clock
A superb likeness of Magritte's Son of Man. A wall clock nearly as unique and artistic as the famous original.
Fried Egg Clock
A very original interpretation of the Dali melting clock, the Fried Egg Clock will ooze down your wall and keep your mealtimes on schedule.
Break Time Clock
Not quite your granddad's alarm clock - exploding with originality yet it keeps the time with quartz precision.
FreeHand Clock
The finishing touch on this clockface. Truly artistic and right on time.
Dali Classic Clock
The melting clock is a Salvador Dali icon. Made at the right melting point to fit your cool interior.
Hanging Clock
Artistic melting clock inspired by Salvador Dali
Heart Beat Clock
Splash Clock
A splash or a splatter. Pick this really original clock in watery blue, molten chrome, or blood red
OnWood Clock
Give a hand to Antartidee for another fantastically original horological creation. The wood is simulated but the surreal is so real.
OnCanvas Clock
For the artist or the artfully appreciative, a designer timepiece that is as stylish as it is functional. The hand cast and paint brush as surreal as they are real.
Drip Clock
No fix needed for this drip - it keeps time with quartz precision. Simply original!
Tennis Time Clock
Any time is tennis time. No excuses for being late for the match with this timepiece on the wall.
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